Ieva Klingenberga was born on September 17, 1986 in Riga, Latvia. She is a composer and audiovisual artist.
Ieva accomplished her Master’s degree in Composition with prof. Rolands Kronlaks at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music in 2012 and the Master in Audiovisual composition with prof. Paolo Pachini at the Conservatorio di Musica G.Tartini di Trieste (Italy) in 2019.

Since 2012 Ieva is a member of the Latvian Composers Union.
She has participated in various workshops and masterclasses abroad, such as “Matrix12 on Tour”(Poland), the European Media Training workshop Summer MEDIA Studio (Lithuania) etc.

Her music/video has been performed at the Contemporary music festival Latvian New Music Days in Riga (2010,2011, 2012, 2018), at the Avignon festival in France (2012), at the 12th Annual CSUF New Music Festival: Voice in the 21st Century in USA (2013), at the electroacoustic music festival Electronic Geographies in Portugal (2015), at the International symposium of art figures Art-area 2015 in China (2015), at the culture forum/ festival White night in Latvia(2015),at the International Video Festival DIGITALBIGSCREEN 2015, in Slovenia, at the Fresh Minds Festival in USA(2015), at the It’s LIQUID International Art Show in Italy (2017), at the the JVLMA Contemporary music festival deciBels in Latvia(2017). ,at the Gallery LemoArt in the centre of Berlin within the project called The Cancan Competitions in April 2017 , at the ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE . AIR . WATER . EARTH, International photography,painting, installation, video-art and performance art festival in Buenos Aires (Argentina), at Laura Haber Gallery (2017),at the international cultural art event/exhibition “La Mente Artistica.Giovani Donne Artiste a Confronto.” in Roma, Italy (2017,2018), at the art exhibition “Hic et Nunc. L’arte apre le porte all’infinito”at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Italy (2018).

She always likes to take a part in many interesting projects and compose music in various different genres of music, mostly where music and other arts been combined (multimedia, audivisual).