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“AXIS MUNDI” for contemporary chamber music ensemble Trio Metamorfoze , electronics and video projections was performed at the 26th Latvian Music Festival in Madona 2023.
Date: July 30, 2023
Time: 20.30
Location: Janis Norvilis Madona Music school

The new audiovisual composition/experimental performance “AXIS MUNDI” for contemporary chamber music ensemble Trio Metamorfoze , electronics and video projections is coming soon!

The work is done in collaboration with Brigita Ektermane, artist and scholar of signs and Matteo Saliva, 3d video artist.

“AXIS MUNDI” is supported by VKKF (State Culture Capital Foundation).

“Eyes on the eARTh” was exhibited at the science&art conference TRANS-GENERATIVES 2030 on the 1st April 2022.

Special thanks to visual artists Krista Brice , Simona Soccorsi, David Bacci, Nasser El Gilani and poet Paola Gandin for the amazing collaboration.

The 6 constituent parts are like 6 visions(inspired by “Scivias” by Hildegard von Bingen and “Steps to an ecology of mind” by Gregory Bateson):

  1. Metalogue
  2. Schismogenesis or Creation of Division
  3. The Cybernetics of Self
  4. Somatic Change in Evolution
  5. Redundancy and Coding
  6. Crisis in the Ecology of Mind(or The Heat is On)

A change of mentality of humanbeing is necessary to create the world a better place.

You can watch it here

My project for my upcoming audiovisual composition “Eyes on the eARTh” has been accepted for the science&art conference TRANS-GENERATIVES 2030, inaugural initiative by the UNESCO Chair at ARTEM-ICN and the CEREFIGE-Université de Lorraine, in collaboration with the National School of Art and Design in Nancy (ENSAD). Impactful actions for a sustainable future through art and science. TRANS-GENERATIVES 2030, online sessions : March 14, 2022 – April 1, 2022.

My audiovisual composition artistically shows the global changes of the planet Earth based on the research made by scientists, like the greatest threats facing humanity today- climate and ecological change.

“Eyes on the eARTh” will be exhibited on the 1st April at 4 pm CET.

More info here

My audiovisual composition “Hic et nunc”(2020) will be exhibited at the international art fair BARCELONA CONTEMPORARY 20213rd EDITION at Valid World Hall Gallery in Barcelona, Spain from 4th – 23rd September.

Tuesday – Friday | 10AM – 02PM and 05PM – 08PM
Saturday | 11AM – 02PM

September 03, 2021
 | 07PM – 10PM
Free entry

On the 5th April THE GREEN FAIRYTALE at the festival Windstream 2021.

Orchestra RIGA
Conductor Valdis Butāns
Narrator Enriko Avots
Mime Pēteris Rimšs
Programme: Though being best known as a poet Imants Ziedonis also wrote a prose
for children named “Colourful Tales”. Ziedonis’ prose, with its flowery and
imaginative language, was almost musical. With this in mind, a recording of
Ziedonis’ “Zaļā pasaka” (The Green Fairytale) was made with narration and musical
accompaniment by latvian composers: Selga Mence, Platons Buravickis, Anitra
Tumševica, Evija Vecumniece, Ieva Klingenberga, Laura Gustovska, Juta Bērziņa and Ēriks Ešenvlads / Valdis Butāns rendition.

Watch it online here

On the Winter edition 2020 of the music magazine “Mūzikas Saule” which is available now in print and digital versions, the discussion with other Latvian composers and musicologists on the issues of taste and tastelessness in Latvian music culture you can read it here

My audiovisual compositions “5 elementi”(2019) and “Hic et nunc”(2020) will be performed live from the Golden Hall of the Latvian Society House on the 28th of November 2020 in Riga, Latvia at 18:00(+2 UTC) at the online event along with works by 4 Latvian female composers!

Use the following link to watch it online!


My audiovisual composition Hic et nunc has 7 parts.

At its macro level, the seven parts reflect the spiritual transformation of humanity from current social distancing to social harmony.
Each part is like a musically theatrical sketch on an intellectual level, which together forms a cycle in which the views and religions of ancient civilizations interact with modern philosophy: anthropology, metaphysics, psychoacoustics, animism, physical phenomena and mathematical models, symbolism , non-traditional medicine, including phytotherapy, music therapy and art therapy, meditation, existentialism, psychology of perception.
This work is done in collaboration with musicians and artists from Latvia and Trieste.

Tonight at 7 pm (+2 UTC) is the online premiere of my newest audiovisual composition Hic et nunc !!! You can experience by watching it and listening to that on the festival’s Facebook page here


Today i had an interview online with Ilze Strenga for the Latvian Television’s broadcast Rīta Panorāma where i was talking about my newest audiovisual composition Hic et nunc for the festival New Music festival Arēna

Big thanks to Ilze Medne, Latvian Radio 3 for the interview!

The new audiovisual composition Hic et nunc coming soon!

More info here

Big thanks ItsLiquid Group for interviewing me!

The interview in English you can read it here

Thanks LSM for interviewing me!

The interview in Latvian language you can read here

Thanks TriesteAllNews for interviewing me!

The interview in Italian language you can read here

My “5 elementi” will be screened at the THE BODY LANGUAGE 2020- ITSLIQUID International Art Exhibition which will be held in Venice at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space and at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi from 13th February until 12th March.

A Special Thanks to Borgocastello3, It From Beat, Trieste All News for the support!

OPENING FEBRUARY 13, 2019 | 04:00 PM

THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space

Calle Larga San Marco, 374 – 30124 Venice, Italy

9:30 AM- 5:30 PM | Monday – Friday

OPENING FEBRUARY 13, 2019 | 06:00PM

Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi

Cannaregio 4132 – 30121 Venice, Italy

10:00 AM – 06:00 PM | Monday – Friday

More info: Here


My audiovisual compositions “5

elementi” and “Scie” were exhibited at the festival Kaivos Festivaali at Vanha Kaivos,Outokumpu in Finland on the 7th September 2019

More information

“5 elementi” was exhibited at the international art exhibition “Emozioni in Mostra – L’Armenia incontra il Mondo” at Castel dell’Ovo ,Napoli, Italy from 29th August until 9th September 2019.

On the 3rd April my “5 elementi”(in audio version) was broadcast on the Latvian Radio 3. The broadcast was dedicated to the new Latvian electronic Electroacoustic and acoustic music

You can listen (in Latvian) online here

My audiovisual work “5 elementi” will be screened at the international art exhibition “La Mente Artistica- Giovani donne artiste a confronto” from 3rd until 5th April at the Complesso Monumentale Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni- Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro 15 in Roma, Italy. Free entry. Welcome!

Check out my new audiovisual composition 5 elementi here

The audiovisual composition contains the symbols of alchemy, the concept of the 5 elements theory, the philosophy of the Sufi movement, the Arabic poetry of Kahlil Gibran and Middle Eastern and African dance movements. “Between Heaven and Earth lies man: consequently, man’s energy is influenced by this combination of Heaven and Earth energies. The same is true for all the living beings of this world “(So Wen, chap. 68).
The composition has 5 parts: Legno(Wood), Fuoco(Fire), Terra(Earth), Metallo( Metal) and Acqua (Water).
Actors/Dancers: Mariangela Najla Miceli, Blanchard, Anna Negrelli
Singer: Laima Lediņa
Voice: Christia Rovere
Polistrumentalist/Singer: Francesco Amerise